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jim mcdonald, herbalist

  jim mcdonald is an Michigan herbalist focusing on the uses of medicinal plants of the great lakes bioregion. He teaches classes and offers presentation on the identification, medicinal use, history, folklore, ethical collection and wild cultivation of native and naturalized herbs of this region, feeling that the plants that grow at our feet, as a part of our community, make much better medicines than ones from far distant parts of the world. He also makes teas, tinctures, oils, salves, steams, liniments, lozenges, smoking blends, and all sorts of herbal stuff out of the things he collects and grows (and can teach you to do so as well). If you have an interest in bioregional herbalism, please contact him or visit www.herbcraft.org to learn more.

jim mcdonald has been practicing the Art of Herbcraft since 1994, offering a knowledge of herbalism that blends western folk and indigenous views of healing with the Vitalist traditions of 19th century western herbalism. He has taught classes and at conferences throughout the US, hosts the website www.herbcraft.org and is currently writing (alternately) "A Great Lakes Herbal" and "Foundational Herbcraft". jim is a community herbalist, a manic wildcrafter and medicine maker, and has been an ardent student of the most learned teachers of herbcraft... the plants themselves.

Herbal Healing, Holistic Health Counseling
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White Lake, Michigan, United States, 48383
Added 2009/10/12 | Updated 2013/06/13
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