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Kevin Howley - NeuroMuscular Junction Wellness Center

  Credentials: CNMT, CMFT, AIS, & 16 years of juggling.
Services: Learn how to Juggle and use it to relieve stress and anxiety, prevent Alzheimers!

Juggling has been scientifically shown to improve your reading, writing, concentration/focus, motor skills, improve blood flow and oxygen to the brain, balancing both hemisphere's to the brain. Just by keeping a set of juggling balls or other props at your desk, when you are frustrated, anxious, or find yourself creatively stumped on a project, by attending this workshop, you'll be able to pick up a set of bean bags and juggle your way out of frustration within a few minutes. You'll be able to go back to your work and find that what stumped you before, will come more easily!

I provide a "Movement Meditation" workshop using Juggling to focus the mind and body to balance the 2 sides of the brain, and give you a great cardio workout! I essentially coach your group the steps it takes to learn how to juggle so you can have HEALTHY FUN! All the technical mumbo jumbo takes place while you have fun juggling!
Specialties: Anxiety/Panic/Trauma/Phobia
Movement Education
Discount: Schools & educational programs receive a $50 educators discount plus educators discount on required supplies.
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Added 2009/10/13 | Updated 2009/10/16
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